View Full Version : Why my program only works on 8178 nVidia driver?

Andre Maximo
09-01-06, 08:13 AM

I've written a program that uses GPU capabilities to compute some generic data. It was working well on 8178 driver, but when I upgraded the driver it stopped working. I'm using glDrawBuffers (with COLOR_ATTACHMENT 0 and 1) and the shader writes back the computed data in gl_FragData[0] and [1]. The problem is that all my returned data are zero when I use both framebuffers. But when I test it using only one framebuffer (with gl_FragColor or gl_FragData[0]) the returned data are OK.
I've tried all the newest drivers: 8756, 8762 and 8774; but none of them have worked. My machine is a Pentium IV 2.8 GHz and 1 GB of RAM with GeForce 6600. I'm using Linux (Fedora Core 5), OpenGL 2.0 and the shader was written in GLSL.

Thanks in advance,
Andre Maximo.

09-01-06, 05:28 PM
You should post question in OpenGL programming forum: