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09-01-06, 10:54 PM
rght, ive managed to get her back up to 3.3ghz

ever since i installed windows(+service pack2) this conroe has been a bit of an annoyance.

fine when in windows - but whenever i restarted i have problems - crashes on shutdown, if i reset it doesnt post - just splash screen - hangs once, then says overclock too much (whatever it is - even 2.7ghz or something) then it will boot again, rinse and repeat

i tried dropping voltage back, but it wouldnt boot - increased to 1.48 on cpu and can boot up windows - but i know from my experience tonight that when i shutdown, or reset its gonna not post/and or hang

possible reasons why it only does this @ shutdown/or/and reset? fyi its priming now ok@3.3 1.40 48degrees

p.s can you have usb 2 with a driver instead of using SP2? that might be whats causing it, tho i dunno why :/

thanks chaps:o :D

edit* it primed ok :/ any ideas?

09-02-06, 12:40 AM
try underclockin your ram

09-02-06, 10:45 AM
try underclockin your ram

I'd give that a shot. Back off on the RAM a bit and see if it helps.

I had the same issue when I upped my RAM from 1GB to 2GB awhile ago. I finally had to back off on the RAM speed as it just could not quiet handle a reboot.

Just an idea .......

09-02-06, 12:36 PM
every time i restart it hangs at the 1st splash screen.

press reset - either boots (defaults) or comes up with a oc fail message

if it fails i go into bios (keep oc) - on restarting it hangs again - do process again and it boots

it has always crashed on shutdown, since i 1st got it

something wrong with the motherboard? a setting or somesuch? any way to check it in windows? it does all 2 prime tests fine up to 3.3ghz

what would cause it to always hang at the splash screen?

thing is stable doing prime@3.3ghz:confused:

just reinstalled - shutdown from windows - hang at p5w splash - reset - boot - i got a system serious error message - but no way to check it -

it always rotates - hang, boot, hang, boot. :/

09-02-06, 03:37 PM
it was/is something to do with usb - i unplugged all my usb devices (maybe my monitor hub and the mobo hub were causing problems - not enough juice for too many usb devices?)

just a keyboard and mouse seems to work ok

phew i thought i may have damaged something :o

09-02-06, 04:38 PM
nice to hear you found the issue.

for future reference, whenever i have found issues with windows, i have found that it tends to be the RAM or not enough CPU voltage. with my old a8n-sli i had issues. i ran memtest with my old ballistix PC4000 and got plenty of errors. switching back to PC3200 fixed the issues.

i have since sold the mobo to my brother, who RMA'd the board and they told him that the board had faulty connections with the memory.

glad to hear you found the problem though :thumbsup:

09-02-06, 05:36 PM
I had similar problem sometime ago but mine was with service pack 2 now i have a windows disc with service pack 2 integrated and it works fine now

glad found the problem(nana2)

09-02-06, 06:15 PM
im still amazed how fast these things do menial tasks like unraring files and stuff - i cant wait to install something like 3dsmax or mojoworld :D