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09-02-06, 12:10 AM
Iv had this 6800GS since 11/12/05, but didnt try out VIVO with the WDM driver till now. and once i install the WDM driver, every thing seems to install fine except the (nvidia WDM video capture[universal]) device always comes up with the error: This device could not start [Code 10].

Is this because -(1)No 6800GS actually support VIVO[mine came with VIVO cables but i know later GS models do not] (2)i may have a driver problem ,or (3)my 68GS may be defective?

This was tryed on a Clean XPpro Installation: SP1a(no updates) and SP2 fully updated = same Error code resault with VidCapture device.
DX9.0c August Redist
6.86(nv SMbus chipset and Ethernet Drivers)
91.47 forceware
4.13 nv WDM driver

Gigabyte NF4 GA-K8NE|Latest BIOS update|754 3700+
PCIE 6800GS| p/n: 256-P2-N386-AX|purchased: 11/12/05
nothing overclocked all stock settings.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. thx.

09-02-06, 06:57 AM
Your card doesn't support VIVO. The cable that's included is a simple S-Video one that you can hook up to a TV.

09-02-06, 10:38 AM
Your card doesn't support VIVO.
Thx for the input, but you may be wrong, i need more input/advice.

(im dont know if your right or wrong about the card fully supporting VIVO)...

But the early versions of the 6800GS(witch mine is) comes with a compatable VIVO breakout cable pack, I would take a pic and show you but i cant right now..... the adapter it comes with has -> 6 Terminals, and there all labeled as so ->

(RGB) 3x - 1xR 1xG 1xB - HDTV out
(Black) 1x - S-vid out
(white) 1x - S-vid Input
(orange) 1x - Composit Input

and it says on my Box = Integrated TV encoder (1024x786 max res)

So Please,

anyone who may know why this Code10 error may accure, or anyone with the same GFX card as me, who maybeable to verifiy if these versions of the GS actually support VIVO or not?

o yea, i also forgot to mention, the (nvidia WDM A/V crossbar) device that the WDM driver installs, doenst have any error or anything, if that makes any difference? im not shur?

09-02-06, 10:31 PM
UPdate -

Uninstalled and Re-insatlled different drivers/ some done on clean re-formats

tried (some on Activated XPpro SP1 and SP2)

nforce 6.86
nforce 6.66

forceware 81.95
forceware 91.31
forceware 91.47

WDM 4.13
WDM 4.09
FX series WDM

a Earlyer DX9.0c Redist
and August 06 DX9.0c Redist

Same Resault with all Drivers.
nv WDM a/v crossbar installs no problem
nv WDM video capture[Universal] always gives a Error: Device could not start [code 10]

if anyone has any ideas, please i need help.

EDIT: just fyi heres a link to a old review with the same card as what im talking about, though inspite of my googling, iv still not had any luck finding a review that actually trys the VIVO. http://www.avault.com/hardware/print_review.asp?review=evga6800gs