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09-02-06, 05:15 PM
I know it's a bit old (a couple of weeks) but somehow I didn't notice it up until now. My apologies to all those who seen it, but this is dedicated to those who haven't watched it - if it's possble for me to miss it, it's possible for anyone else :D

All Battlefield 2142 has looked dull and uninspired so far imo. Now finally a BF2142 trailer that brings a little of my inner BF-player up in me again. They still have some good time before release to improve, but to be honest my expectations are pretty low; that way I can only be pleasantly surprised :D
It's not really convincing yet, but who knows? At least it's looks a bit more interesting this time :)

So here it is: http://www.gamershell.com/download_15045.shtml

09-02-06, 07:43 PM
BF1942 and BFV were great fun/ BF2 on release was so bad that it put me off playing it. Was having more frustration than fun gameplay. Server browser was horrible, crashing, loading times etc. etc. No it wasn't my hardware....

Yeah sure after the patches im sure its fine.

Anyways I got a fileplanet key for version2 of the open beta. Played for 30mins. Looked like a nice game. Not to mention the server browser was working good. Loading times were ok aswell.

Anyways went to play the next day and was asked to enter in my key. Re-entered in and was told it had expired.

If you check bf2142 forums this is happening to other people. Some of those people are paid subscribers to fileplanet for the first beta.

At then end of the day when I would hear of the words Battlefield or EA it would be a good feeling. Thats not the case anymore.

Not to mention there is still no f***ing widescreen support. Whats that about?

Quakewars, Crysis, Unreal Tournament, Call Of Juarez, TF2.

09-02-06, 09:00 PM
Why Would We Buy Battlefield 2142?......good article.


09-02-06, 09:11 PM
I guess a trailer is good, but it would be nice for people to see recorded videos of people playing the beta. AFAIK it looks really close to BF2 so far. I haven't gotten a chance to really play it, but at a quick glance not much is changed.

09-02-06, 11:52 PM

This drives me insane everytime i try to get into BF2..i got so fed up the other night i just uninstalled the POS game..why the hell cant they give us a hotfix patch...

09-03-06, 04:57 AM
Heh.. As I said I'm not anything near convinced yet. Of course I am still looking a million times more forward to ETQW :)
I'm just saying it doesn't look like pure crap anymore but at least has a little bit of that core-BF spirit that BF1942 possessed to a great extend =)

09-03-06, 05:11 PM
Yeah i am in the beta for it with the new verion there is a massive 5 servers and are lagging as f**k i think i am going to stop playing it for a while as i can't put up with it any longer.

09-03-06, 05:48 PM
I still feel robbed from the BF2 saga, what a piss take that has been.

This is one game I will be skipping.

09-03-06, 06:29 PM
The thing is these games BF2142 and BF2 has so much postensual if they can fix the bugs that have been in them for years i was shocked to find the same bugs 'missiles going through tanks at short-med range' still in BF2142 from BF2 :(