View Full Version : EVGA 7800gt CO Problem long post need help!

09-02-06, 06:04 PM
Hi everybody, new to the forum. Anyways, I have a evga geforce 7800gt co and it has been great until a few days ago when it started acting up. When in 2d mode like internet surfing it is fine however when I play a game now it artifacts after about a minute, with colored waves on the screen, I realize it is probably overheating, but here are some interesting facts which have me confused, hopefully someone can help....
Video card fan works perfectly, the air coming out it cool, gpu temp reads 36C idle , 48C load after game, another thing thats strange is the default clock speeds of my card are 460 core, 1100 mem, however, when I use coolbits or rivatuner, it is reading my card at 470 core, 1200 mem!
So I am thinking my memory is running to high therefore causing artifacting, neither program will let me lower the clock speeds though, I am wondering if whoever had the card before me messed with the bios, would flashing the bios help ?? If someone has any suggestions please let me know

09-02-06, 11:18 PM
curiouse - what is your average Room Tempurature for you to be getting 36c idle witha 7800GT CO?

you may also wont to post witch driver version your running.

and you cannot measure your load temp after the graphic program has stopped.

i watched it one time, and after load stops GPU temp can drop ~10c in ~5seconds.

If you wont to accuratly measure your temp, either log temp readout with Rivaturner while you run a graphic intence game, or use ATItools Artifact scanner... it loads your card and shows you the current temp.

on these cards iv tested -> agp 6800nu, PCI-E 6800GS... temp readout between idle and Load is At least ~20c give or take only a couple c(at the least depending on room temp.)