View Full Version : Theatre 550 Pro and Windows MCE

09-03-06, 04:49 AM
Hey guys, has anyone encountered a problem whereby Media centre mode in MCE doesn't detect the TV Card properly? I.E., it tries to scan for channels, but then immediately returns none, and tells you that there was a decoder error? It's very annoying - I thought something might be wrong with the seating of the card, but it works fine in the [bad but included] software that was provided - Cyberlink PowerCinema. The card _does_ work, and I can receive TV, just not in Windows Media centre. Any ideas?

09-03-06, 05:57 AM
Just so everyone knows - I managed to get it working. Uninstalling the drivers for the card totally, and re-installing them along with the weird rego entries that are on the driver CD made it work properly.