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09-04-06, 09:00 AM
lately there has been talk about Core 3 duos and kentsfield and K8 and opterons. I just want to know: when will intel and amd run out of performance upgrades and work on the next big thing. I don't want to get a core 2 duo beacuaes it seemss like by summer next year theirs gonna be 15 cpu better for the same price. when will we go back to the days of P4 When the just released the series and went to work on the next line up. Ijust want to know wHat to buy so it doesn't go out of date like my last one did. I gota Geforce4 MX right before the 6000 series came out and an athlon 2800 just before the whole 3000 series. and it doesn't help my 512MB ram has 15 dead cells and my mobo batery is dead.... but my grievances aren't for this post.
Also, to go with the CPU the G card is just as important...
G80 seems more Buget and affordable , but the R600 is the best in performance. and I know a Dx-9 card is a choice, but, like I said, I don't want another one of theese. I will probably just catch the flag ship of the G90 series by Decmber, and that will be the power of the originals with lower heat and better power efficency. Your thoughts, no Fan boys.
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09-04-06, 09:54 AM
I'm no expert here, but I'd think it's kinda silly to sit down and think "I'll just sit down and wait for AMD/Intel to stop producing better processors".

I think it comes down to how much of a wad you are willing to put down for upgrades, as well as how power hungry you are. If you have the funds to upgrade every couple of months, and the ability to sell off your old parts, do it.

On the other hand, if you're not really a performance buff, just upgrade now and get it over with and upgrade whenever you see the need for it. That's what I do. I do a mayor upgrade about once every 18 months, and so far it's kept me happy.

I don't know much about the G80 and R600 series, but I'm certain they'll cost you a pretty penny seeing as the opening models are high-end enthusiast cards (take for example the launch of the 7 series with the 7800, and then came the 7600, etc).

In my humble opinion, I'd wait it out until Vista comes out. If I'm not mistaken (which I probably am) we'll have semi DX10 cards, quad core processors, and all that jazz for you to choose from.

09-04-06, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the insight.
Well I know they're not going to just stop, I just want to know when it will slow down. I mean if a 1GHz comes out, but a 4core 4GHz ones coming out next week, but that's going to be owned by the next one in month, is it worth it to upgrade. I'm a gamer. Most games run well on my athlon 2800, and I doubt wether game developers are going to producing games that require a quad core with an 8mb cache, because when you set the bar too high you get less customers, and I know most hard core gamers will upgrade to play a game but devs know that they shouldn't and don't need too, and as more and more games switch to the alegbra engine the CPU just needs the power of a calculator, and the entire game acttually fits in to the cache of theese proccessors. so a warning to all you 8 proccesor quad core nuts cout there. So I guess i'll get my 6400 in OC to 4GHz ( i've got water cooling), but for the graphics scene, is it smart to jump a soon as possible, or too wait until 8900 which will end up beign a glitch free faster cooler more efficent chip, or wait until the 9 series, I mean how long did the 6000 series last? And due to circumstances presented to me, upgrades need to be 150$ or less and be an easy install, and be once every 2 years or so. due to the rest of my families technical ineptness.So I was thinking maybe an R600, due to the fact it will last loner, as ATI releases Big, but infrequent upgrades, and Nvidia Has new one every time a new color of board comes out. If I get the R610 mayby( glithfree better version of 600) I wont need to upgrade until my next computer with the power on that thing! and even if, in 2 years they'd probably come way down in price and a better one would be availble for in my price range. Next battle Nvidia or ATI ( i'm an N lover but power is power)

09-04-06, 08:18 PM
Eeeeeh.. I'd be careful with some of the assumptions you're making there, mate.

First off, it's true you don't NEED a quad core processor in order to run the latest games, nor do you need the dual GX2's, but you certainly will benefit from having those. Moreso, you're stating that developers will not design games for quad core/super duper computers. Yes they will. Take a look at Crysis, it's going to be optimized for dual/quad cores and whatnot.

As for the upgrades you plan on doing, what currency are we talking about, because as far as I know, $150 US won't get you very far when it comes to upgrades. Hell, it won't even buy you a E6300.

My advice would be to update to conroe if you already have a PCIe GPU, and wait some time until there are more mainstream models of the new nvidia series.. but that's still going to cost you a pretty penny.

Oh, and last but not least, USE PARAGRAPHS! :)