View Full Version : 7950 GX2 Driver?

09-05-06, 12:18 AM
I went to evga.com to look for Drivers for the 7950GX2... I found the tab that says "7950 GX2 Driver" but there are no drivers for it. Which driver am I supposed to download for this? 91.47 or something?

Also, if I format my computer to put these 2 new 7950 GX2 in it, How do I download the new BIOS for my A8N32 Sli mobo before installing these two cards? Since you need the new BIOS for them to work... I don't know if Format, download BIOS, then put the 2 cards in and install, or can I just format, put both cards in and download BIOS before installing drivers?


09-05-06, 12:40 AM
Yes those are the latest drivers and you can get them here...