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09-05-06, 05:32 PM
So I picked this up Saturday after finishing Ninety Nine Nights. It's pretty damn good. I'd rate it about 9/10 at the moment, unless something happens towards the end, I doubt that will change. It's a pretty solid iteration of the usual JRPG characters and storyline. They basically took all the masochism out of JRPGs though. You can save anywhere, retry battles you lose, fast forward attack animations, button mash through the dialog without having to worry about initiating it again, just all sorts of nice finely tuned things to help you save time and take out all the frustration.

Hopefully the production values stay good, and the story doesn't peter out. I heard the game shows it was rushed towards the end, so fingers crossed.

EDIT: Oh Penny-Arcade. Tell those naysayers who's boss.


09-05-06, 06:12 PM
Yes I bought Enchanted Arms the day it was released.

09-05-06, 06:26 PM
Yes I bought Enchanted Arms the day it was released.


09-06-06, 04:18 AM
I have preordered it.. it will be out the 15th in europe. Cant wait! (nana2)

09-06-06, 05:32 AM
Also preordered it, can't wait for it (nana2) .

09-06-06, 05:42 AM
Also preordered it, can't wait for it (nana2) .

sweden FTW :D

09-06-06, 08:18 AM


Like Chromehounds - another From Software game released to critical yawns - Enchanted Arms reviews haven't really communicated the game. I'm playing it over Gabe's shoulder, so I'm not the person to do it either. Were I you, I might keep my eyes focused on the area directly beneath this post.

It's actually sort of funny: I turned down advertising for the game, as reactions to the import I'd read generated no faith in the title. Now, every night when I go to bed I see that both Gabe and Robert are both ass deep in the ******* thing. Robert is one of these completionist, Emerald Weapon-type mother****ers so he'll be under the hood for another week at least. I was surprised to hear Gabe praising it with such force - he even brought in his hard disc yesterday, with the idea of chipping away at it. Dedication.

I'm not going to tell you that it's the best RPG on any platform, it's not. But if you actually like RPG conventions, it's better than you've been lead to believe. There are outliers, to be sure, but Japanese role-playing games tend to be fairly linear in terms of narrative and feature a ton of strategic combat. These are genre staples. If you don't like those things, or if you wish they were something else, that isn't really the genre's fault. If you told me that you weren't fond of turf or kicking, I would hope that you'd have the wisdom to avoid soccer. We're really at that level. If you want to swing a chain with a sword on it or pull off a dragon head, they make those games too.


09-09-06, 07:46 PM
I rented the thing and played it for about an hour. The whole thing just made me angry. I mean I love JRPGS and all. The reason I never got the original Xbox was it's lack of turn based RPGs. But this thing is just a mess. Horrible voice acting. I mean PAINFULLY BAD voice acting. Flaming gay buddy who loves your other buddy and is just asking for a bitch slap. Crappy music and dialog. Graphics only slightly better than the PS2. The combat is kinda interesting, with it's "chess move" system, but the package as a whole ain't worth 60 bucks. Maybe 30 bucks.

I'll give it another shot because I paid 8 bucks to rent the thing and I'm a masochist. Maybe they'll throw some hot chicks in to offset the gayness. I'm just glad I didn't buy this game.

09-10-06, 07:39 AM
Okay, I played it a bit more last night and it's not that bad. It's not very good either. In fact I fell asleep during one of the dialogs.

09-10-06, 11:40 AM
I'm loving it so far. You're able to switch to the original jap voice acting so I've got nothing to complain about. From what I heard of the english ones, they weren't THAT bad... some characters were a little dodgy but that's about... it's perfectly playable.

I'm enjoying the battles system atm, the characters are cool (minus one, you know who I mean), the GFX are nice (much better then any PS2 game _ ) though nothing amazing. The story has kept me glued to the seat so far.

Each character is very customizable which is great. You also get to collect pets as well... they're actually robots which are called Golems. You get to train them up just like the main chracters. I've found this very cool indeed.

09-10-06, 05:24 PM
Man, I keep trying to like this game. I really want to because I usually love turn based rpgs and I love my 360. I forced myself to play a bit more but it just bores me to tears. Nothing has made me grin even slightly.
The graphics are nice, but only because they're in HD. Except for the water effects and the faster load times, I think the PS2 could pull it off. I'm just not that impressed. That stupid Kameo game had better effects.
There's just something so generic and forced about this game. Like they had to throw together a JRPG for the 360 and fast! It just doesn't have much character.
And I hate the main characters...all of them.
I hope Square-Enix puts out some good turn based RPGs for the 360 eventually.