View Full Version : Help me OC... or don't.

Burnie isoson
09-05-06, 10:58 PM
I just built my new rig isn't she a beauty?

-e6600 core 2 duo
-p5n32 sli se deluxe
-2x1024 mb 667 ddr2
-36 gig WD raptor hd
-320 gig WD Caviar
-2xEVGA 7600gt co KO edition

This is my first try at overclocking. My mobos current bios revision is 0204. I've heard this mainboard will only accept a 20% overclock is that true? Where does an OCing virgin like me first take the plunge? Could anyone on this site with a similar set up post me with their bios settings so I don't screw up my investment. Thanks in advance!

09-05-06, 11:18 PM
Welcome to the forums :D Im sure Tikiman44 would help you out, he has the same mobo as you. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/member.php?u=59658 (pirate)

Burnie isoson
09-07-06, 08:55 AM
There is different recommendations out there. For instance should I use AI Booster or not? Some people say thats not the way to OC. Also I have revision 0204 do I need to upgrade to 0305 beta or is tha beta only for people planning on running Quad SLI?