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09-06-06, 01:50 AM
right i have a ASROCK dual sata2 motherboard im running windows xp64bit and i have just got a xfx 7900gtx with the clock speeds as 520/1500 problem is its not running at that its running at 520/750 i cant get it to run at the right speed i was going to RMA it thinking it is a bad memory problem just wondering does anyone else know why this would happen by the way im running this on hiper type r sli ready 580 watt power supply and im not experiencing any atrifacting what so ever playing bf2, im playing bf2 at max gfx settings with no problems!

09-06-06, 03:47 AM
wait a min..7900 GTX = 650/800..by default. Both my GTX btw failed even 750 on the memory...only stale below 500..lol..not even gonna bother with the 7900 series..i think ive shown my hate to the 7900 series enuf -.-

09-06-06, 04:00 AM

this is the card i have i dont understand what u ment about the 650/800

09-06-06, 05:17 AM
7900GTX standard clocks are 650 on the core 800x2 (1600Mhz) on the memory. The GTX ones i had cauldnt even do 750 on the memory..which is underclocking..thats how ****ed up the ram was.

And your one is a 7900GT..which also suffers from the bad memroy.

As for BF2..i cauld play it..after awhile funny lines come..CS Source played fine..but FEAR..craps out.

09-06-06, 06:12 AM
7900GTX standard clocks are 650 on the core 800x2 (1600Mhz) on the memory.

so in my system what should the speed show up as ? sould it show up as 750 or 1.500

09-06-06, 06:26 AM
You linked a GT...and its an xfx extreme one..you might wanna check if your card is ok..you should be able to tell it easy. The old GT ones has Samsun ram..the new ones has Infenion..people report these new ones have fixed the problem.

As for your clocks..its 520 GPU Core/ 1500 Mem (750x2).

So yea your card is running on its right memory. The NVCP shows it as DDR1..i think its a bug or something...but it wont matter..if you tried to set ure memory to 1500 manually there..thats like 3000 -.-...that will most likely kill the card...haha :)

09-06-06, 06:36 AM
lmao so there isnt anything wrong with the card then PERIOD i thought it was broke with the speed showing up as 750 PERIOD

I dont know what the big deal is about the . its a forum not a noval

Xion X2
09-06-06, 10:19 PM