View Full Version : Anyone know what setting to change to get video to play on 2 monitors?

09-07-06, 08:57 AM
Pretty much what it says in the subject line.

While I was mucking about with the control panel (91.45) I was able to get the video to play across 2 monitors in a single video window (WMP). Now I can't remember what I was doing or how I did it but I don't seem to be able to get it to do that again.

Anyone know what settings I need to change ot makes this happen?


09-07-06, 09:12 AM
Horizontal Span perhaps? This should be under Display settings.

Not sure if it will work with games though..

09-07-06, 09:35 AM
Thanks for the reply rewt. Nah I tried that. It works for spanning the desktop but doesn't appear to work for video.


09-07-06, 09:48 AM
Disable overlay and it might just work.

09-07-06, 11:13 AM
Thanks zer0, rewt,

I'll try the overlay thing later when I finish work.

It maybe theoretically impossible but I did somehow get it doing it by mucking around with some setting. Just wish I could remember what it was. If I figure it out I'll post it later.


09-07-06, 11:46 AM
I know disabling overlay works, at least for clone mode. If overlay was enabled, the video would only play on one monitor. But if I disable overlay it played on both.