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09-07-06, 09:01 AM

I'm planning to do a major upgrade late 2007. Currently I am AGP but by then I will try change to PCI-e Dual core (or Quad?), DDR2 (DDR3 maybe?), etc...

But ffor the moment I'm just changing my old 5900 XT AGP for a better AGP card to enjoy during this year and months until the upgrade.

Currently I have a seventeam 350 W psu, so I must change it for the new AGP card. The question is that I don't want to change the psu late 2007 too, so I should chose now a time-proof one.

I want to chose a psu that allows me to supply to dual core, SLI rig, 2 HDD, SBlaster, wireless, 2Gb DDR2 (3?), three USB powered devices, etc

Using the extreme...(I dunno how follows ;) ) website tools for evaluate power, it give something about 700 W (considering 15% peak, and 15% capacitor wear).

I have used the search tool here and in other forums, and I have noticed lots of brands of psu, which one better...

So my request of help is simple. Which are the better, silent, reliable, and future proof (future connectors?), brands that you could recommend? I'm a total newbie in psu matter.


09-07-06, 09:28 AM
OCZ GameXstream 600W should be plenty, and it's only $120 :) It's DFI recommended btw ;)

09-07-06, 10:21 AM
OCZ GameXstream 600W should be plenty, and it's only $120 :) It's DFI recommended btw ;)
Agreed. Go with this one. I have always heard of OCZ having ncie PSU's.

09-08-06, 12:31 AM
Tx fo rreplies. Do youthink that with 650 W it will be enough? I plan to OC CPU and GPU...should I go to 750-800 W to be on safe side, or better save money? I would like to not change PSU in some years.

09-08-06, 04:00 PM

have at it, tell it to run at %100 and input your projected overclocks and there's what you need, no worry.

on a side note: maybe an admin could sticky this link or something, as there are frequently questions about psu's

09-09-06, 02:56 AM
Tx. I'm reading extremeoverclocking forums, a lot of info there, but I have a doubt that I have not found solved. The newest PSU has 24 pins connectors for mobo, but as I will use the new psu with my current mobo (asus p5p800) with 20 pins connector I wonder if I can attach the 24 pin one to my mobo. Is it so simple? or I should look for a PSU with dettachable 4 pins from the 24 strip?

09-09-06, 08:56 AM
most of the 24-pin connectors have the option of taking off a 4-pin connector on the side of the plug, turning it into a 20-pin connector. When you look to buy the psu just look at a picture of it and look at the mobo cable and see if there is a break in the plastic on the one side so that you can disconect the 4-pins

for example if you are still looking at the OCZ psu, the specs for the main connector are 20+4 pin, which means that the main connector could be either 20 or 24 pin

09-11-06, 02:28 AM
I have been reading and reading...I look for a future-proof system, and do not change the psu in some years (fingers crossed :) ), and I suspect I'll go SLI (depending on future driver support & performance in 'virtual reality' mode). I used the extreme.outervision tool and found 100% peak over 750W, so I have looked and find this:

Silverstone Zeus 850w ST85ZF Quad SLI PSU


I have read several reviews and seems a good device. I'm pretty convinced. What do you think?