View Full Version : sd cards without the lock?

09-07-06, 11:28 AM
where can i get them?

its driving me insane - the lock on the cards gets locked when i put them in my reader, thus preventing me from using it - couldnt they have forseen this and put the lock the other way around or something? :retard:

anyone know what type comes without a lock?

09-07-06, 01:41 PM
SD card specs require the lock

so called SD cards without a lock are nothing more then re-named MMC cards.

MMC cards are much slower compared to SD cards, really not worth the bother. Go out and buy a good reader, and you won't have a problem

09-07-06, 01:47 PM
its really annoying - i wonder if there is a permanent hack to make it locked always - currently using cellotape and it has been stuck in my camera and reader twice now :D

09-07-06, 01:50 PM
i never had a issue

have 2 cameras with SD, one camera with CF

2 internal card readers
Atech (amazing reader - latest Genesys Logic chip), Sabrent (POS reader - horrible Alcor micro chip)

1 external reader

1 reader in notebook

never got stuck

09-07-06, 03:27 PM
this one?


09-07-06, 03:39 PM
no, i have the latest version

its the only internal card reader that supports new SD standard, and thats something i really wanted

09-07-06, 05:19 PM
there are sd cards like the one that i have, the sandisk ultra II 512 plus. the plus meaning that it can convert into a usb device without the need for any card reader. not many people know about these sd cards, and because they convert to usb, the locking mechanism is form fitted into the card and i've never had any issues with it locking by accident.


edit: holy crap these things have come down in price, i got this last christmas for $80usd and now they are already half the price