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09-08-06, 07:33 AM
I thought maybe people wanted to share thier Windows Experience score, but also thier overall average score.

Windows Experience takes the lowest score out of 5 catagories and lists it as your experience score.

My score, Windows Experience 4.4

Over all scores and average,
Processor 4.4 (lowest score)
Memory 5.3
Graphics 5.9
Gaming Graphics 5.8
Primary HD 5.2

Average score, 5.32

Computer used is the one in my sig.
There doesn't seem to be a way to overclock the graphics card in Vista yet, I'm pretty sure graphics and overall score will go up once allowed.

For those who don't know where the score is, its under control panel, system.

09-08-06, 09:42 AM
Seeing that SLI isn't supported yet, many of our scores would be inaccurate.

Not only that, but the rating seems to change with each new Vista release as well.

09-08-06, 10:02 AM

oh yeah..i am number 1...lol

09-08-06, 11:48 AM

09-08-06, 12:38 PM
4.5 on my laptop. =/

Dell e1705 Laptop
T2300 Core Duo
7900GS @ 600/650
1GB Dell ram

09-10-06, 11:10 PM
My lappy.
1.6 ghz Core Duo
1gb RAM
and what looks like a slow 5400rpm 60gb HDD


09-11-06, 03:34 AM
All we need is drivers for RC1 and we can get into some testing with games ><...i wonder why nvidia is holding back on it :/..such a shame though..it looks great on my old rig..my sis uses it and she dosent use it for games..even though it has a 6800gt -.-..but still the OS as a function works smooth and feels great..its just useless for games ><

02-14-07, 11:45 AM
Hey, I just put up a post with my windows vista score on it - check it out!


02-14-07, 12:44 PM
Processor: 5.3
RAM: 5.6
Graphics (AERO): 5.9
Graphics (GAMES): 5.9
HDD: 5.7

So we take the minimum: PC index: 5.3

Average: 5.68

02-14-07, 02:10 PM
so basically a C2D E6600 and an Opty 165 are the same for Vista, because both have same WEI scores???

Processor: 5.3
RAM: 5.6
Graphics (AERO): 5.9
Graphics (GAMES): 5.7
HDD: 5.8

Opty 165, 2GB DDR Ram, 7900GT

02-14-07, 04:34 PM
mine runs great, but i got a 2.2 in the video card section. i have a 6200. but everything else was in the 4's and 5's. oh well. wish the score was an average and not the lowest one

02-14-07, 05:00 PM
You guys to realize this thread is from last september....and there is a much newer one about your WEI scores....


EDIT: and the other one is stickied....who dug this one up :wtf: *glares at lgreenlee*