View Full Version : No output from DVI through adapter.

09-09-06, 04:17 PM
Ok, I have a (Mad Dog Predator MX4000 plus) agp
It has a vga, dvi, and a s video out. I hoped to set up to monitors into this card, however (using an adapter) I cannot get anything out of the dvi port.

Ok, I have so I installed windows xp 64, the only thing at the moment on a new harddrive. Then in Windows XP 64 I installed the forceware drivers (http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp64_81.98.html). From there with alot of work, i currently have it so it detects both monitors.
- in the regular vga, Chuntex, CTX analog display
- in the dvi (through an adapter to vga) Samsung Sync Master.

Currently vga one always works. Anyway, using nview applet I choose to just clone, (I have tried the others) and all i get nothing on the (dvi syncmaster). Except a dark blue screen.

-When I click on the (nvidia) the applet in the tray the samsung blinks black and then goes back to blue.

- I have reinstalled the drivers countless times

- I eventually want to use this for linux.

-The card is semi old, but I got a warranty replacement about a month ago. And used this card for that time (Just vga).

Shoudnt dvi output all the time? - it only appears to be recieving something when i am in windows and the driver is initalized.

-Could it be the adapter, had that for a long time (2+ years, came with the original card)