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09-12-06, 03:27 PM
Hi all.

i need to buy i new monitor.
already i have Sony 21" G520.
i want to enter the world of LCD!. in fact my eye got hurt.
so i need to know what is the best LCD i can have...i want something can beat easly my sony.
of course i hope the cost does not exceed 600$.
I want it to be prefect for "games,3D Designing, Video,Photo Editing"
i know that's too much.. but LCDs become mature these days as i think.
i prefer above 19".

any advices will be very grateful

09-12-06, 04:22 PM
Dont know where you live, but im guessing that is $US. I have this monitor and can recommend it for games, I dont edit photos, but the picture quality is fantastic. The US version cames with a tv tuner built in, where as mine is the European version which does not, other than that they are the same monitor. Its slightly over your $600, but only just, and worth getting.


09-13-06, 04:28 AM
thanks Smokey for your good suggestion.
and yes..i meant $US.

it's look like a good one.
i have question for you hope you can help me in this.

- In 4:3 Games/Video,,,does it work/look good?
- reported this LCD is too Reflective,,,what did you see?
- Monitor performance and back light (Stable) ?
- Ghosting/Motion blure?

thanks smokey.