View Full Version : GRAW Map Pack 3

09-12-06, 03:27 PM
Out today & finally game is as it should have been, good.


09-12-06, 04:46 PM
Might reinstall for siege mode. Sounds good. What about new maps though?

09-13-06, 05:19 AM
3 new co-op maps all very good, no more having to restart map if Mitchell dies in campaign co-op, nice new game modes, dedicated server support with oodles of options, most excellent patch!

09-13-06, 12:45 PM
the new Siege mode and maps are awesome! IMO, its has the best aspects of TDM and Domination combined, with none of the negatives. In Seiege, you are either defending or trying to take over a single tiny little area designated on the map. To take it over from the guys defending, the attackers only need one guy in it for 15 seconds.

So whats cool about it, is like TDM, there are no zones or whatnot to give your position away... or no odd camping just for the sake of taking over zones.

However, there still is a target to focus on.. so you don't end up with a "stale" round you get sometimes on TDM.. If anything, towards the end, things get more interesting because thats when people start getting bold and really start pushing.

Also, its finally refreshing to be able to play properly in widescreen mode in multiplayer.

BTW, there's plenty of new maps developed by the community already, before this patch. I can't wait for some new siege community maps.