View Full Version : Seeking help, dumbfounded on cause of crash.

09-12-06, 05:02 PM
A friend of mine and I just recently built a new PC from him. He has an A64 X2 4600 (was ordered before Conroe came out, I urged him to wait), EVGA 7900GT. If more information is needed, I'll get you the exact parts.

Here's the problem. About once or twice per night, consistently, his PC locks up. It will just freeze, and the speakers will start buzzing loudly. We can't seem to do anything specific to duplicate it.

I'm at my whits end. Any ideas? Any more specific info needed to help troubleshoot this?

09-12-06, 06:38 PM
Could be a heat problem. Next time it happens, reboot and take a quick look in the bios to check cpu temps. Is this in general or only in games?

09-12-06, 11:38 PM
Temps are well under control. CPU/GPU peak at around 38/51C after hours of gameplay.

09-13-06, 04:32 AM
1) PSU specs
2) Is it a fresh format or did he use his old boot drive and OS in the new system?

09-13-06, 10:44 AM
1. PSU Is a SeaSonic S-12, either a 380 or 430, I forget. I own 2 S-12s myself, a 380 and a 430, and they're more than up to the task. 7900 series is just not power hungry.

2. Fresh format, all parts are new.

Xion X2
09-13-06, 01:06 PM
Sounds like a driver issue or a bug in windows. Have him run some type of Windows scanner like System Works. System Works has kept my computers glitch-free for the past 2 years.

09-13-06, 04:40 PM
I appreciate the feedback given, both here and in Rage3D. I'll be going over his place tomorrow, and will try all suggestions. I'll also report back with a more definitive list of his hardware and software, just in case I fail to isolate the problem.

Thanks again!