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09-12-06, 11:39 PM
I've been playing the Colin McRae line of rally games for some time now, and they're definitely a favorite of mine. I've been noticing something over the years that cmr05 has been out (and I've been playing it on and off during this whole period): All of my nvidia cards (6800Ultra AGP/7600GT pci-e/7600GS AGP/6800NU AGP) chug on certain parts of certain stages, while my 9800pro 128MB does not. This is regardless of drivers, motherboard, processor, ram, psu, cooling, etc. I've had systems in various states and with various hardware over this period, and all of them exhibit this chugging sensation with nvidia video cards. Drivers range from the early 60.xx's to the very latest 91.47 official on the nvidia side, and from the early 4.x's to the 6.8's on the ati side.

The 9800pro plays the game smooth as silk. With the same exact identical settings, a 7600gt chugs (asrock mobo). Hell, i took the settings down to rock bottom (low on everything, no AA, no AF, same res [1280x1024]) and it still chugs at the same places. NV control panel is always left at default except LOD bias is clamped.

Stages that cause chugging:
- greece stage 2, morning, with/without sun doesn't matter, chugs hard, real hard.
- japan stage 2, as you start up the mountain on the narrow road with the tight turns. this one has been a lot worse in the past and is much better now, but still chugs.
- just about any greece stage ;)
- australia stage 8, at the very end (last two turns), chugs like hell.
- ...there's more, but can't remember them off the top of my head.

This isn't really a troubleshooting thread (though it could turn into one) since the problem has been seen on dozens of windows installs, with about 4 different motherboards, 4 different nvidia video cards, 5 different psu's, a dozen sticks of ram of various quality, god knows how many driver versions, etc. The point is to merely put forth what I've observed over the years with this game and nv hardware, and see if I'm alone or not.

What are your experiences with this game and your nvidia/ati cards? Do you have any tips or tricks to help with the of the chugging?

09-13-06, 01:03 AM
Hmm CMR is well-known for not running good with NV hardware .. i only got decent performance in it when i ran SLI (7800GTX) .. other than that my X800XT-PE was running the game much better.

09-13-06, 02:44 AM
very weird! I didn't know that it was well known. Even weirder since it has nvidia banners all around some of the stages in the game.

I'm torn between my love for decent linux drivers and my love for cmr! :(

Thanks for your post.

09-13-06, 03:28 AM
Yep for the last gen cards (R3xx/4xx vs NV4x) .. its well known :

the situation gets somewhat better with the high-end G7x cards though due to the enhanced shader architecture of the G70.