View Full Version : pls need help 7950gx2 intel 915g motheboard compatible?

09-15-06, 06:01 PM
pls i really need help

im going to buy a new gfx card (7950gx2)
but im not sure if its compatible with my intel 915g P4 motherboard:(

i really need help plsss
1.5gb ram
250gb hdd
P4 3.0ghz
radeon x800xl:(

09-15-06, 07:35 PM
Even if it were compatible, a 7950 is going to suffocate at the hands of that P4. Might as well go full tilt boogie on an upgrade to Conroe, 2 GB RAM, and a motherboard that is known to be fully compatible.

09-17-06, 01:04 PM
Would My System Specs as in Sig suffice, saturnotaku??

Including SBIOS V1.3

09-17-06, 06:47 PM
7950 Supported Motherboard List : http://www.nvidia.com/content/geforce_gx2_sbios/us.asp

I had a friend using an MSI motherboard with Intel 945P , although supported in nvidia list , had to change it because of some compatibility problems. So I think its better to insure everything before buying the 7950.

09-18-06, 02:09 AM
Daydre how insured do you think I am given my system specs as in my signature?

Plus SBIOS 1.3

Would it handle it?

09-18-06, 11:53 AM
I would double check with your motherboard manufacture. It seems that many motherboards need bios updates or specific bios/chipset driver combos to handle the 7950GX2.


09-18-06, 12:51 PM
Krazy maybe I did not mention this but the Bios is the latest update - 1.03 (the MB came with 1.2).

As for Drivers, the Sys Drivers are 9.16.

Graphics drivers are the latest too: 91.47

Mobo has single PCIE 16X slot.

You'll see the Drivers and SBIOS IN sig

What say you now??