View Full Version : K7N2 Delta-L & Vista Drivers

09-16-06, 12:48 PM
is there any available drivers for windows vista for my nforce 2 based mother board ??

i found problems with mcp & lan drivers with beta 2 & i downloaded the RC1 but i didn't try it yet cuz of the previous problems.

The Kiwi
09-17-06, 09:45 PM
Your chances of getting an updated set of MB drivers that are specially crafted for Vista on that MB are probably to be found in the range of slim to none. The owners of NF3-level MB's (such as myself) are also fairly likely to run into difficulties.

I have an MSI Neo 2 Platinum with an A64 3000 CPU. I do have copies of RC-1, and a registration code, but I suspect I will be better off testing with an NF4 system board (DFI Ultra D) that isn't assembled into a completed system yet, being still breadboarded on the work table.

The Cooler Master Centurion 531 for it just came in by UPS from Directron yesterday, and I have an upgrade to my son's PC in progress that I need to wrap up.