View Full Version : BF2 Medal question... help!

09-16-06, 11:26 PM
Ok so I have the US Navy Cross medal and i'm now trying to get China's People's Medallion. All I need is to get 100 or more points in one round.

Ok, so I was playing as China today on Wake Island and got 108 points but a minute before the game ended I got team swapped by the server to the US. Will I still get the people's Medallion? I played nearly the whole round as China. Does it only count what team you were playing for when the game ends?

I have been checking my stats out but they haven't updated yet so hoping someone here can clarify it for me!

09-17-06, 03:59 PM
Ok well i have answers for anyone who cares... I have checked my stats and everything has updated but on my China People's Medallion it is still saying my best score is 87/100!! ok so the server team swaps me to US and I miss out on getting my People's Medallion!! I am pretty F**ked off!!! right now!