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09-17-06, 09:09 PM
Hi Guys,

Just built my new E6600 Conroe Rig and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

I'd like to test my memory to see if it's running OK. What programs or diagnostics can I run to ensure that my memory is defect free?

Also, I'd like to monitor the temperatures of my system. Tom's uses this program to do it:


What is that program and are there others which are effective? (Just off the top of your head :) )

Thanks!! :)

09-18-06, 09:28 AM
SiSoftware Sandra can do both.

09-18-06, 09:43 AM
Tom's uses this program to do it

Pc probe II & CPU-Z.... i use them both, have done for a while, top programs!

09-18-06, 04:23 PM
Core Temp is the only software I've found that seems to accurately report CPU temps on my E6400. I recommend it strongly.