View Full Version : I think I found an SLI profile that works for Age of Empires 3...

09-17-06, 09:19 PM
Hey guys, I think I may have found an SLI profile for Age of Empires 3 which doesn't crash or freeze the game.

Here is what I found that actually works (I played over an hour and no crash/freeze ingame):

Just open up your nvapps.xml file using Frontpage, or any html text editor and find the Age of Empires 3 profile, then change it to:

<PROFILE Label="Age of Empires 3">
<APPLICATION Label="age3.exe"/>
<PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="243001" Itemtype="predefined"/>
<PROPERTY Label="aa_default" Value="0"/>
<PROPERTY Label="gamma_correct_aa" Value="0"/>
<PROPERTY Label="sli_aa" Value="51621660"/>
<PROPERTY Label="sli_afr" Value="51621661"/>
<PROPERTY Label="transparency_aa" Value="0"/>

Until now, the only way I could play AOE3 with my Quad-SLI was using the single-gpu profile. Any SLI configuration would crash my game, or worse, I heard a "squeal of death" noise, but the game continued playing.

For SLI owners who own, but haven't played AOE3 this should be good to try out. Let me know if it works for you, as you should notice a hefty improvement in-game, with all eye candy maxed out.

I'm playing the game @ 2560x1600 with no hiccups.