View Full Version : No sli aa in control panel???

09-18-06, 03:07 AM
How do you access the sli aa not the 16xs crap?I am using the newest control panel and have a 7950gx2.I cant get the option to run in sli aa mode.I use nvtray 1048 and it says sli aa 16x,I want to use 32 but its only for quads.The games dont show it,the fps hit doesnt show it either.It shows up in nvtray but not the control panel.The control panel still gives the last option as 16xs.



09-18-06, 06:00 PM
How about coolbits ??

i had an issue with the new CP which dosent seem to apply the SLIAA value correctly . for ex. in some games when i choose SLI8xAA it gives 16x & for SLI16xAA it shows SLI32xAA .. so i had to get back to the classic CP.

09-19-06, 02:39 AM
One issue with the SLI-AA modes is, that it's using the same values in the registry to enable a SLI-AA mode for Dual-SLI and Quad-SLI but with different results...

I.e. the very same registry value that's used to enable SLI-8xAA (4x MS plus 2xSLI-SS) on Dual-SLI systems is automatically giving you SLI-16xAA (4xMS plus 4xSLI-SS) on a Quad-SLI system.

nHancer doesn't reflect that correctly currently, since the current beta doesn't detect Quad-SLI. So if you have a Quad-SLI system and you use the setting "SLI-8x" in nHancer, you're actually getting SLI-16x. Same with SLI-16xS which is actually SLI-32xS on a Quad-SLI-System.

I already have a new nHancer version running which corrects that.

Maybe the control panel has a very similar problem, I don't know...