View Full Version : Big problems with my GeForce4!

02-17-03, 07:00 PM
This all started several weeks ago when I noticed my computer was booting much slower than it used to. I came across the similarly related thread in this forum but since I don't reboot that often it really wasn't much of a problem (approx. 20 delay before my computer would begin the boot up procedure).

Fast forward about 3 weeks. I was in my home office today (wasn't even on the computer but the computer was turned on) and all of the sudden my computer starts rebooting repeatedly.

I turned of the computer and now it won't even start at all. The fans came on and CD/DVD players lights blinked but the screen was black (no signal at all).

I took out the video card and noticed my computer was again going through the boot up procedure. Luckily I have another computer and took out an old Radeon 8500 64MB card placing it into the system with the problems and now the computer boots up fast (like it used to with no problems). By now I'm thinking "dead GF4". I go ahead and pop it into the system I had my Radeon in and bingo...computer started like a charm.

I go back into my old system (now running with Radeon) and proceed to uninstall the nVidia drivers, delete the nVidia folder on my C drive and run a registry cleaning utility (all from safe mode). I wasn't able to find any entries from nVidia in the registry so I think I'm good to go. I pop the nVidia card back into the old system and once again I'm greeted with no boot.... :'(

I'm begging you guys for some good advice. I'm really stumped on this.

*note I also posted this in the Det forum as I wasn't sure which area I should post this kind of problem.

02-18-03, 06:54 PM
WOW, that's strange... Good Luck.

02-19-03, 08:31 AM
It turned out to be my AGP slot going bad.

New mobo fixed everything.