View Full Version : FFXI dreadful performaces...why

09-20-06, 08:49 PM
I have recently playing to ffxi again, I remember it running descently on my old p4 but my new system is jsut dreadful with it

I know the game is capped at 30 fps but im not getting even close to that

core 2 duo e6700
2 bg of coresair 800 mhz ram
1 geforce 7950 gx2

im running at around 5 fps in a town and maybe 15-20 outside...there is no way i shouldnt be stable at 30...

what the hell is wrong

09-21-06, 04:09 AM
FFXI engine was developed from ground up on PS2 build. So yes, it's locked to 30fps and is CPU dependent (it doesn't use GPU much). It even lags when you have massive characters on-screen, or all fancy magic effect (BRD songs or BLM spells) being casted near-by. You can't enable AA unless you tweak its background resolution for at least 2xSSAA, depending on resolution but it brings performance down but for your setup, it shouldn't.

It'd be nice if Square-Enix adds support for dualcore or SLI (although it doesn't use GPU that much). There isn't much you can do, unfortunately.

09-21-06, 09:52 AM
You need a KillerNic. It's only like $300 or so dollars.

Seriously, though, the low points are due to network issues, more than likely. Especially in the towns. Very little you'll be able to do about that, either.