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09-21-06, 04:15 AM
* Sony Vaio FE21H
* Graphics Card Geforce Go 7400
* Current driver
* No Last Useable Driver Version
* Operating System - XP pro sp2

this may be a newbie question, but still need answering....:

My laptop has a top resolution of 1280X800.

I want to get an external TFT monitor which will undoubtedly have a higher native resolution than that (I'm looking at several 20" screens right now)

1. Will my graphics card be able to run an external screen at a higher resoltuion than 1280X800? (and I'm not particularly intersted in games - this is really for working on photographs)

2. If it can't, and I run the external screen at lower than its native resolution, will I get a lousy picture?

many thanks


09-21-06, 05:23 AM
Hi slaterish welcome to nv news :)

I would imagine Go 7400 supports much higher than 1280X800. I mean, this is 2006 after all.. ;)

BTW what resolutions are those 20" you're looking at? 1600x1200?

09-21-06, 05:50 PM
Of course it will, it should support up to 2 x 1.5k rez.