View Full Version : windows vista on nv6200 AGP

09-21-06, 10:34 AM
Hey.. here is my computer's config:
Asrock Intel 865gv motherboard
Intel P4 2.4GHz
Bigtek NVidia 6200 256mb AGP
512mb DDR333 ram..

I just installed windows vista RC1 on my computer and also got the latest drivers for vista.. everything is working perfectly.. including the Aero UI.. but when i try to run the performance rating test.. when its testing windows media something something.. the screen just goes blank... i have waited nothing happens.. the HDD led is blank so i don't think anything is happening.. why does this happen?

Also when i run any games, the performance is not upto the mark.. now i expected this as vista is a heavy system.. i just wanted to know what would be a better option:
to upgrade my ram to 1gb
or to get a better graphics card
i don't have cash for both(i am just a student!)
thanks.. your help will be appreciated..

09-21-06, 11:44 PM
Better vid card easily.

If you post the most you are willing to spend and the type of games you play and want to play, I'm sure we can help you choose something.

09-22-06, 12:46 AM
I'm amazed you got Vista to run anything with only 512MB Ram! :eek:

I personally would not even waste my time upgrading hardware for Vista RC1. Because no matter what you upgrade to, it still won't be as fast and compatible as Windows XP. Wait until Vista is final before you buy anything for it.

Another problem is, if you buy a new video card now, it won't be DirectX 10 compatible.

09-22-06, 02:00 AM
okay.. so if i want to get a new card right now it won't support DX10 and anyways i think it will be too expensive for me(i was amazed to look at the prices here...man GPUs are very costly in india)..
so i will use windows xp for now.. but will upgrading to 1gb ram make a big difference in gaming performance in xp now? i usually don't play FPS games.. i like strategy games and play NFS MW once in a while..

PS: sorry for buggin you so much.. thanks for your help again..