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09-22-06, 03:16 AM
We have an old UMAX Scanner from like 1997 and it barely works anymore because of the lack of support for newer operating systems from UMAX. And it seems like its always a pain to have to go to a bunch of trouble when I just need to copy something.

Our printer still works, and I'd be perfectly happy to just continue using that, but I dont know of any simple way to have a separate scanner and a printer act as a copy machine. (if there is, let me know)

I know for sure that I need a new scanner, so recommendations for one of those are welcome. (under $75, good dpi and good picture quality... we dont need anything fancy, it just has to work as good as one can for that price range) But if you think a scanner\copier\printer multifunction device would be the best choice, I'm totaly clueless about that kind of thing, so I need some suggestions. Something less than $100 is preferred. We dont have a dedicated fax line and we might send one fax per year, so that part doesnt matter.

Basically, I just want decent quality stuff without breaking the bank. Whether its just a scanner or its a full multifunction device, thats all I really need.

BTW, we're using a Canon S600 printer right now and everyone seems to really love it. One of the best things about it is that it has separate ink cartridges for each color. Going back to a color cartridge + black cartridge system doesnt really sound that great to me, so a new multifunction setup would probably have to have a similar "4 cartridge" configuration. I dont know if they make those though. :o

EDIT: I was looking at this scanner, but like I said, I dont know of an easy way to make copies (so that my family members can do it without having to ask me for help :p) using a scanner and a printer, so if there is a program that can do that easily, let me know and I can just go ahead and get something like this.


09-22-06, 06:27 AM
i have Canon 8400F, i have it over a year, and so far its the best scanner i had. Its little more then $75, but well worth it.

on second hand you got 4400F, cost less then 8400F and its never.

don't buy scanners that use LEDs, like canon LIDE or some hp scanners, they simply not that good. scanners that use LEDs, give results that quite often end up with funky colors.

when it comes to printers, S600 is quite old,

right now best choice is PiXMA IP4300, http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelDetailAct&fcategoryid=117&modelid=13528


I have PiXMA IP5000, which is about 2 years old, still has best specs on the market. Once IP5300 will come out, i will grab one.

I would personally stay away from HP printers, ink for HP printers is allot more expensive, you will go broke just buying ink. HP printers are also inkaholics, which doesn't help the situation.

edit: i know where you coming from, i had UMAX scanner too, i bought it 6 months before xp was released. no driver was released, so i called umax, they told me that driver is available, but i have to pay them $50 to get the CD send to me. That same day that scanner was in trash.