View Full Version : Just Cause is phenomenal

09-22-06, 09:39 AM
WTF.... just got my copy of Just Cause, and have to say it's simply my fave game right now. WOW.... after playing the demo I thought this was going to be utter tat, but seriously ....what a game.

Visually it's stunning in HD, the sound is awesome, the gameplay is very easy to pick up and simple controls.

Love the tropical Far Cry feel to it , blue lagoons and what not.

The scale of the Islands is huge.... the freedom to parachute, fly planes, choppers etc is awesome. Riding motorbikes off cliffs to then go into a freefall and parachute down onto a boat is just OMFG.

At this rate im gonna have to start doing Overtime at work to pay for all these games lol .... I am well and truly 360'ed up, hook ...line and sinker!

32" LCD HD TV, Surround Sound, 360 and a Upscaling DVD/DivX/Xvid player hooked upto HDMI and i'm drooling!