View Full Version : Ntune5 Crash....help!?

09-22-06, 11:52 PM

Well while runing Ntune5, I set it to the 3hr auto-mode to tune it up. Several times it restarted. Normal. Picked where it left off and continued the process. Well about 30min left in the tune up, it restarted. But this time, no video. Hit the restart button, nothing. Not even the BIOS screen?? :confused: I felt the GPU's they are warm, but not so hot cant touch them. Tried another monitor, nothing. Nothing out of either port. Not sure if its the MoBo or the GPU. I read in the MoBo manual there is a feature that, when system crashes due to OC'n, the BIOS automatically resets to default settings. Thats fine, but why is there no video? LEads me to think a GPU problem.....

No idea how to set everything back to Default... and get Video back up... thanks!

09-23-06, 12:43 AM
I Dl'd a BIOS file from ASUS in attempt to reset CMOS. Put on floppy and turned machine on. Nothing. back to square one....

09-23-06, 01:28 AM
Reset Cmos and reflashed BIOS. Everything Aok now! (nana2)