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09-24-06, 01:28 PM
I wanted to say your forums are very useful, informative, and occupied by some very intelligent and resourceful members. Lots of great information here.

I just upgraded my desktop monitor to a 32" LCD. Overall the transition went smoothly, but I had to work my tuchis off to get the resolution right, and after skulking this forum for a while I found a res that worked for windows and allows most games (GTA: SA, Oblivion, X3:Reunion) to run beautifully.

The problem:
Some of my older games that run at their best in 1024x768 are displaying oddly. The game is justified left when running fullscreen, and about 25% of the left side of the game is duplicated on the right side. I'm using a DVI-HDMI cable for Pc output. When using the VGA cable, I could not use the PIP abilities of the TV and so that's not a good solution for me, although the VGA cable caused these games to run centered and windowboxed on the right and left. This was fine, but I'm searching for a way to tweak things to get the windowboxes back and the wrap gone. I can take a picture of a game running this way with wrap if that would help. The mouse controls work only on the 'correct' part of the display, the right side where the wrap begins is the edge.

I have a Westinghouse LTV32w6-HD running windows XP in a custom resolution of 1360x768. I can post the Advanced Timing window entries if necessary, I found them from another thread on this site. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I knew what the 'back porch' 'front porch' and other settings are, I'd be able to tell Nview how to run games at 1024x768. Relevant games are 'The Sims' 'Simcity 4:Deluxe' and my all time favorite, 'EVil Genius'. Graphics card is NVIDIA 7800GT.
I'd be very grateful for any input anyone could offer on this. I browsed the site extensively for 'wrap' and 'custom resolutions' and well, lots and lots of other things but never saw this issue mentioned. I just hope there's not some simple easy tweak that I spent 4 hours looking for but didn't find that's right under my nose. Well... I hope there is, actually, but I'm gonna feel stupid. (not a new experience).


K, going to give a shot to setting up a custom resolution with powerstrip I'll post back if it works.
Edit: It appears I'm not good at powerstrip. I can't find anyway to setup the custom res and then use it as 'resolution-in-resolution'; only as the system's basic res.
Heck, all I think I need is to add two sidebars to any 1024x768 window to make it fit 1366x768. I think I'll bash my head into a rock for a while in search of inspiration. :banghead:

Actually, it looks like this http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/KD-HDMI4x1.htm thing might do the job, but I'll be darned if i want to cough up a grand to center 1024x768 output. Still working on it, tho! I will OVERCOME!

09-24-06, 08:41 PM
Not sure if this would help, but try change the scaling to Centered Output in your nView Dispaly Setting/Device Settings/Device Adjustments.

09-24-06, 09:10 PM
Where I see that option is in the 'Advanced Timings' box at the top, third down. I do have that set and I tried the other three 'display adaptor scaling' 'fixed aspect ratio scaling' and 'monitor scaling' but no go. Your way of getting to it appears to work the same, as if I change one, the other changes. Fraid it didn't make any difference on any of the four settings, however. Thank you for the input, Amuro. Much appreciated.