View Full Version : Vista (5728) A Dream come True ! (No drivers Needed !)

09-25-06, 08:50 PM
Well accept for the WinUpdate ATk100, LoL

Anyway, YEP all ! Vista Dreams have been Fixed !

Just throw the DVD in the drive and let her Rip ! lol

All RAID nVidia Works in Box !

Also, Has No need for 96.33, It has 95.64 ! (No SLI of course yet.)

Enjoy !, I am !

09-25-06, 09:01 PM
Nice, I might have to try that one out soon. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Googled and TY slashdot! http://slashdot.org/articles/06/09/24/0933204.shtml

09-27-06, 07:02 PM
FYI : 5734 just released !

09-27-06, 09:02 PM
FYI - 5739 is out also to certain peeps.

09-28-06, 06:31 AM
Are you saying the drivers it comes with are better for gaming than 96.33 cause I was about to install those?

09-28-06, 06:38 AM
I don't get it either, previous windows versions have also had nvidia drivers included. Nothing new here.

09-28-06, 06:38 AM
I've never liked embedded drivers, I'd rather install them on my own, so I can get the latest installed a.s.a.p.

09-28-06, 09:11 AM
With no SLI support yet...


09-28-06, 11:19 AM
yes but this version you can install on a raid disk out of the box.. no need for faffing :)

still plays wow too slow to use for gaming - shame, cos I love to use vista generally

09-28-06, 03:07 PM
FYI - 5739 is out also to certain peeps.
I dont think so. Unless you can source it, I'm calling shinanigans. 5734 went to TAP thats it.

09-29-06, 08:41 AM
still nobody really answered the question at hand.

09-30-06, 04:52 AM
96.33 and the ones that install with 5728 are equally bad for me :o

09-30-06, 11:01 PM
5728 didn't allow me to install with raid0, didn't recognize the raid whatsoever on clean install. weird.

10-01-06, 06:28 AM
very strange - I have raid0 sata on a8n32-sli deluxe and it installed on the raid straight from DVD (clean install from DVD boot)