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09-25-06, 10:34 PM
I have started having graphics corruption issues in 3d apps (games). 10-60sec into a game the computer locks up, and I see blocks of V-shaped patterns on the screen. The problem is repeatable and happens every time I launch a game. I have no problems at the desktop, internet, etc. Only games. Up until now my system has been perfectly stable. I have made no recent changes to the system cofiguration.

I have checked temps, and they do not seem to be the problem. The GPU never got over 78C at crash. Besides, I've seen it run a bit warmer after a couple hours of gaming before I started having the problem. My processor and chipset temps are all within spec as well: CPU - 37C, motherboard - 33C, and chipset - 45C (the nForce 4 chipset runs warm, but well witin spec). The heatsink on the card is clean and free of dust, as is the rest of my system.

I also checked my power supply with a voltmeter. The rails are all within spec: +12.10, +5.15, and +3.31 at time of crash. I never saw the voltages varry more than 0.1 volt. The PSU is designed to run two cards in SLI (it has two PCIe 6-pin connectors), but I'm only running one card so far. I tried switching PSU connectors to the vid card. I even tried using the 6-pin power adapter that came with the card instead of the 6-pin connector from the PSU (uses two 4-pin molex to provide power to the vid card).

My RAM is stable - I ran Memtest for over 24 hours with no errors. Ran SuperPI and Prime95 with no problems.

I had been running the 91.31 Nvidia graphics drivers for a month with no problems. I tried rolling back vid drivers to 84.25 but still have the problem.

Finally, I was able to borrow a PNY Quadro FX PCIe card and ran 3d apps all evening with no problems. I know it's not an apples-to-apples comparison, but it's the only PCIe card I could get my hands on.

Seems to me I have narrowed the problem down to the video card. Looking for other troubleshooting suggestions. Is it time to request an RMA for the card?

Thanks in advance.

Xion X2
09-25-06, 10:58 PM
Sounds like you covered everything. I would say there's an above-average chance it's your video card.