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Dan H
09-26-06, 01:48 AM
Question to all,

Has anyone been able to get this type of card to function in
3d applications on a motherboard with a VIA chipset?

If you have please list the chipset model number and motherboard
make and model.

It may not be the card, but it might be the Nvidia driver that is the
problem. Specifically 91.47 does not work with a VIA motherboard.
I found 91.47 driver also supports the geforce 3 TI 500 card.
So I tried this card on my ASUS A8V-MX mother board with
the VIA chipset and all my old 3d application games worked fine
with the original driver that came with this card. When I update
the driver to 91.47 which also supports this old card all 3d applications
give me a black screen with the game cursor over the top.
The games DO NOT HANG according to the task manager.
They are running and in fact one can here the buttons selections
as the mouse moves over the black screen as if they are still there
only the screen is drawn all black so one does not know what you
are doing on screen. I remember having a problem like this before.
And the fix was to disable the nvidia splash screen that 3d apps
execute when they initialize. It was as if the splash screen would
hang with a black overlay over the top of the game.
But the new 91.47 driver does not allow a person to disable the
splash screen. I also tried 91.33 and 91.31 drivers with the same result.

So Researching the web I see a lot of this problem black screen.
But also many people appear to have no problem.
Lets here from you all.
Is the problem related to motherboards with the VIA chipsets?

09-26-06, 04:45 AM
Works perfectly on my Intel chipset...

I've had issues with NVIDIA cards on VIA chipsets, not specifically driver sets though...

Good luck!

09-26-06, 12:28 PM
my old MB (FIC AM37) had a VIA chipset and I ran both a 5700LE and 6200 on it with now issues.

Dan H
09-27-06, 12:22 AM
"my old MB (FIC AM37) had a VIA chipset and I ran both a 5700LE and 6200 on it with now issues."

Ok that is good to know. Do you still have this board?
If you do can you set it up with the 6200 card and load
the new 91.47 nvidia driver and then tell me if it still works
in 3d applications please?

See my problem is the 7600 gs AGP needs 9 series drivers to function
unlike your old 6200 which can use older drivers. I am betting
your 6200 will give you a black screen with the 9 series drivers.