View Full Version : Wii Boxart

09-27-06, 10:44 AM

In particular the Zelda boxart looks great.

09-27-06, 10:51 AM
The Zelda one is the only one I like out of those... It looks like they actually spent time and tried to make something look artistically good... the others just throw tons of characters on them...

09-27-06, 10:55 AM
The redsteel one isn't that bad either.

Mr. Hunt
09-27-06, 11:09 AM
Zelda and Barnyard ftw... the others are trash.

09-27-06, 11:23 AM
well if you want to feel like a 5y/o again then the wii certainly has the games for it :rolleyes:

i cant wait! im gonna have my mommy take me to toys r us