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02-18-03, 06:57 PM
I got a VisionTek GF 4 ti 4200 that was bought in June (7 months ago) and all of a sudden the fan is going nuts on it... one minute it works fine, then it will make a bunch of noise. and then run so slow I don't think it is doing any good.. With all the troubles VT has been having I don't really want to send it back for a fan. Any body know what kind of fan I should put on? Preferably one that will fit in the existing blue round heat sink..

02-18-03, 08:56 PM
Go get ur self a Thermaltake GF4 cooler. It comes with ramsinks too.

02-19-03, 12:54 AM
Mine failed on me a couple of months ago and Visiontek sent me TWO replacements! All I did was called them and told them mine quit. They never asked me for proof that I owned a card or anything. Maybe it was during their transition between ownership as I'm sure I got two by mistake.

02-19-03, 08:31 AM
Get an old heatsink from a CPU & a hacksaw. Cut the heatsink to roughly your GPU's size, but a tad bigger. Affix to GPU with thermal paste & four drops of superglue in the corner. Add an old 80mm casefan to the top of the heatsink with the air blowing down, affix to heatsink with more superglue. Allow 5 minutes to dry.

Done, and it'll cool that thing a DAMNED lot better than any wimpy manufacturers fan. If'n you're arm isn't too tired go and chop up the rest of that old heatsink into ram sized coolers and add them too. (Yes, it's really how I do it...you should see how ugly I got with me 8500, I really hated it!)

02-19-03, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the info guys...

02-19-03, 10:04 AM
Originally posted by Caramoore
Thanks for the info guys...

I just re-read your post and realized you just wanted to know about fan replacements instead of a whole heatsink/fan.

Sorry, I was trying to kill a flea with an elephant gun again. :rolleyes:

If you just want to do a quick/dirty fix, you could put just about ANY type of fan on that heatsink and it'll do a better job than what you had, those "little inside the heatsink" fans are notoriously wimpy.

If you have an old 60mm I'd just superglue that to the top of your heatsink, you can always remove it later. (The superglue pops/cracks off easily with a little bit of leverage applied, it's why I'm so found of that method....thanks again to Zarathustra for showing me the light. ;) ) An 80mm would be over-kill from hell, but that's never really a bad thing in my book. :)

I'd just get the littlest, quietest fan I had and stick it on there. (Then again, I got about a dozen old fans in an old filing cabinet next to me along with a bazzilion little connectors, wires, brackets, and bits that I've kept over the years. I'm a packrat with little stuff like that, it ALWAYS comes in handy down the road. ;) )

02-19-03, 12:56 PM
yeah, I got a fan that is a little bigger and put on it. It connected with the same 3 screws that held on the old one... Still thanks for all the help.

02-19-03, 10:44 PM
Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Sorry, I was trying to kill a flea with an elephant gun again. :rolleyes:

lol! ya that was kinda the impreson i was geting as i read that, well not quite some many words. :D

anyway, defneatly good advice above. if you don't have a spar fan to use and need one right away you can always hit up radioshack worst comes to worst. granted real computer shops are beter or high end car audio shops work as well, granted they are not afraid to charge ya for it either.

02-20-03, 03:19 AM
Return the card for a new one. They should send you a replacement in advance for a deposit. Then when they get your old card they refund the deposit.

02-20-03, 09:23 AM
im not sure a store will be that helpful about thing with an open box item; i imagine the mafuacture would help directly but i supose it depends on how much effort a 4$ fan is worth to you.

02-20-03, 11:03 AM
Originally posted by kyleb
i imagine the mafuacture would help directly but i supose it depends on how much effort a 4$ fan is worth to you.
That is why I posted the question here instead of trying to send the card back. I wasn't gonna mail it back for a $3 dollar fan. I got a fan and put it on and now it works like a charm...

02-20-03, 11:25 AM
ya fair enough, i was just replying to Spotch. anyway glad to hear all is working well Caramoore. even a at a buck under my guess. ;)