View Full Version : Upgrading graphics cards on AMD 760MPX chipsets

09-27-06, 11:20 PM
I am in charge of a small lab that has several workstations based on the MSI K7D Master-L motherboard and the GeForce3 Ti500 graphics card. I am totally satisfied with the systems, but my supervisors discovered that these workstations are not "Vista-Ready" and since they intend to make some of them dual-boot with windows (I am using linux) they asked me to investigate how that could be accomplished.
We have some offers on MSI's NX6800-TD128 and NX6600-VTD256 graphics cards, so if there's going to be an upgrade, it will involve one of these cards. Looking around, I've read quite a few threads on various forums about incompatibilities between the 760MPX chipset and those GPUs. However, somewhere else was mentioned that using the latest forceware drivers, the issue was resolved. What exactly is the situation here? I've also written to MSI, but they haven't replied yet. Will I be able to install these graphics cards or shouldn't I bother? Supposing the issue is resolved in windows, will I have problems in linux?

Thank you for your time