View Full Version : Weird freezing up issue, and driving me crazy

09-28-06, 03:44 PM
Let me begin by saying this happens even without my OC. The only game I currently have installed is FEAR, Using the hardware in my SIG, about every other time I exist FEAR, windows locks up, and my sound cards starts making funny squealing sounds from the speakers. Im using 91.47 driver, and was hoping someone else had this same issue. I noticed there is an option in the NV control panel that says "threaded optimization" I have it set to AUTO, is this right? What does this do? Where do you all have it at. Thanks

09-28-06, 11:03 PM
Mine is doing the same thing on the 92.91 drivers, think I'm gonna go back. I thought maybe it was my video card overclock but I've backed it down to levels I know FEAR runs fine at and it still randomly does it. Also when I was playing a bit ago, about every 5 minutes I would get massive slowdown, like .01fps or something for a few seconds then it'd go back to normal.

09-29-06, 04:37 AM
What patch version are you using ?

09-29-06, 07:40 AM
Unsure but I'm playing FEAR Combat, so I assume it's the newest patch. I think I found something though. Something else that's been happening to me for quite awhile now is I have a screensaver called DeskWater that makes it look like water is on my desktop. I noticed lately that everytime it comes on, it's very very slow and choppy for like 30 seconds, then smooths out. Which is pretty much what I experienced in FEAR last night. I checked my nVidia control panel settings and found a setting called "Threaded Optimization" and it was set to Auto. I set it On last night, and this morning I found my screensaver was actually doing the choppy slowmo thing forever, not just for 30 seconds. I went into the control panel and set that setting to Off, and checked out the screensaver and now it doesn't do that at all. So I'm curious if that "Threaded Optimization" is the root of my trouble.

09-29-06, 07:50 AM
I may be way off base here, but it's possible the threaded optimization code in the drivers isn't yet optimized for the Core 2 Duo.