View Full Version : MX vs ATV U and 91.31 or 91.47

10-02-06, 03:08 PM
Hi, I'm trying to track down a problem with MX vs ATV Unleashed full version patched to 1.01 with Forceware 91.31 and 91.47.

The first problem that would happen with 91.31 is from time to time when playing online all of a sudden the fps would be crippled and had to reboot for the problem to sort itself.

Next problem is 91.47 this problem doesn't happen very often but when it does, the system locks up which is very annoying (no sound loops no blue screen no error messages, complete lock). I cannot ctrl alt delete to bring up the task manager, sometimes it responds sometimes not and requires the reset button.

I've switched back to an older driver for now to test which is 84.43 and so far none of the above have happened and still testing...

The graphics card this is happening on is a Gainward GeForce 7800 GS+ AGP with 4xAA/8xAF High Quality set in the driver. So far none of the other games encounter these problems with 91.31 and 91.47.

Wonder if anyone who plays the game with these drivers can give any feedback. :)
The system by no means is not overheating nor the graphics card 55 - 60c load and PSU is 620w.

Is there some reporting online utility NVIDIA has to report driver bugs or such like ATI?