View Full Version : Saving power with a 7900GT - How low can/should you "underclock" it?

10-05-06, 12:11 PM

This might be a stupid question but ever since I got my 7900GT my powerbill has raised quite a lot. Therefor I looked at the clock speeds (thanks to coolbits) and noticed that the 2D and 3D-clocks were the same.

My question is:

Do I save any power at all by lowering the memory/core clocks for 2D and how low should/can I go?

Thanks :)

PS. I found this recent articel about powerconsumption by Vista's Aero-skin:

10-05-06, 01:35 PM
Take it all the way down to the bottom and click "Test Changes" if it works, then you can keep them at that setting.

12-13-06, 05:23 PM
No, I really don't think that's a good idea...

Does anyone else have a better response to my question?


12-13-06, 05:28 PM
I'm pretty sure I saw a hardware site that took a modern nVidia card and adjusted the 2D clocks and found no change in power consumption...

12-13-06, 05:30 PM
Thanks for your reply!

Well, if you find the site, please let me know!