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02-19-03, 06:12 PM
Working in an electronics asembly plant is great... I just removed a bad agp pro connector out of a LuckyStar kt133a mobo and replaced it with a normal agp connector... One crappy foreign part came out, one nice AMP/Tyco socket went in... Man it was hard as heck, but it went... I used a desoldering iron to remove what solder I could, and then used a heat gun while prying to remove the b**ch... I had to remove the center mount pin and plastic posts, and correctly match it up... there was no guide since the mobo was made for an agp pro connector...

Taking it out was messy, as some pins stayed in the board... Lots of flux/solder iron pressure/heat gun usage helped get every pin out...

...no lifted solder pads!!

Installation was pretty easy, just the reverse of removal plus some thru-hole soldering after it retained in...

System ws taken home and put together, and booted up normally with the PCI vidcard... GF3 went in fine, and she booted fine... Just put 41.03 on it...

this 1ghz duron w/256mb PC133 and a gainward gf3 64mb is running driver IQ normal, but UT2k3 is @ 10x7 with everything at high and highest... no hiccups and smooth as heck! We'll back a couple things off, but this thing has passed it's preliminary stress test. Sandra's next...

...I didn't think this was gonna work...

I'm a happy man, now, and so is my friend PappaCass, who now no longer must suffer with a TNT PCI card, which he's had to deal with since about 3 wks ago, when his AGP port pooped the bed.

----his mobo gots new life----

*now someone gimme a cookie!

02-20-03, 04:06 AM

02-20-03, 04:35 AM
Nice one :thumbsup:

02-20-03, 07:28 AM
Yup it ran stress tests all nite last nite... So it's stable! Thank god! Now he has an *extra ECS mobo on the way...

I didn't really think a mobo could stand a localized 700 degree blast AFTER manufacture... heh heh heh... anybody need an agp socket replaced?

02-20-03, 12:40 PM
awesome wrk man, now do you think you could solder a gf4600 gpu on an extra pcb I have? :p

02-20-03, 01:51 PM
"...we have the technology..."


...yeah. I'd do it.

We have a wave solderer, a conveyor oven, a sonic washer, SMT pick-n-place machines... all that stuff...

!! send me the parts! !!