View Full Version : I want to cry...

10-05-06, 09:31 PM

So does Nvidia know about this issue? Any news on it hopefully getting fixed with a patch? Is it a windows issue? AHHHHHHHH!

So anyways, I've been dicking with this for a whole week new, nothing seems to work. If I'm playing a game (mostly on WoW), I can't alt-tab and view any videos, stream any videos etc. It's EXTREMELY annoying to have to close down my games if I want to watch something. I've tried messing with WMP settings, and nothing works. If anyone has ANY kind of advice, I'm open to anything and everything :(.

Sure it plays games awesome... but.. ugh, annoying :(.

10-06-06, 05:20 AM
well just to give you a solution that doesnt rly fix the problem but will make it less annoying is to enable in wow "play in windowed mode-video setting".
Then wow is just a simple explorer window(resize and movable) on your desktop ,no alt tabbing needed anymore.I always play like this because my pc is to slow and i get killed before i can alt tab back in the game.