View Full Version : Flash!Bang! IPTV Tech/Game Show Released (What games should we feature?)

10-06-06, 09:53 AM
"On the first episode of Flash!Bang! we tell you who we are and why you should watch us, cover the new Apple iPods and the new Microsoft Zune in our 10 Minutes of Tech, show you how to add light saber effects to your own photos and videos, and answer your questions about Windows Vista, and how to fix a rebooting computer. Flash!Bang!, a technology show that will update every week on-time and offer you innovative content given to you by hosts who have actual experience will launch. We need you to send us your questions and get the word out that Internet TV is going to change by us, not someone else."

Download our first show: http://www.FlashBangShow.com

This is for my school's senior project and we want to feature more games in the coming weeks with Episode 2 featuring Might and Magic: Dark Messiah and then an episode or two after that Battlefield 2142. What games would you like us to buy and play and review so you don't have to this season?

Thank you for your input.