View Full Version : Does GigaByte GA-9659P-DQ6 Support SLI?

10-07-06, 04:24 PM
Does GigaByte GA-9659P-DQ6 Support SLI? The Chipset on the motherboard is Intel's North Bridge Intel P965 Express and South Bridge Intel ICH8R. I didn't see anywhere that it did support SLI but I'm double checking with you guys here on NV News Forums.

10-07-06, 04:36 PM
No, it doesnt, youll need a nforce board to get sli with the C2D (im pretty sure), Id suggest looking at MSI and DFI

10-09-06, 12:40 AM
No if you want an Intel chipset and SLI, there is the 975X with the modded drivers. And these drivers don't produce the flickering on the 3007 :)

But it's not official, not yet.

Okay, thanks for the tip slaWter. I have a few more tech-savy questions to ask ya mate! :D
What if I were to upgrade to the Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Motherboard? Would that resolve my flickering problem on my Dell 30" 3007? Or is that a problem with NVIDIA'S nForce4 and Forceware drivers alone? Or do you think a newer updated motherboard bios would fix the issue?

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