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10-09-06, 04:23 AM
Hi there,
I have searched the forum & all I've came up with on the subject is this post:
http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=25709&highlight=tray+icon but it's pretty vague. I can't disable my NVidia tray icon notmatter what, I'm using 91.31_winxp2kmce_english_whql drivers on a GF6-6600 256DDR2 with coolbits.reg installed.

The 'Enable Taskbar Icon' box is cleared/unticked on the Tools menu but is ticked after every reboot?, I've tried also disabling it using msconfig in my startup apps but it seems like there's something in the registry that keeps enabling it again.

Anyone any ideas?

Regards, Esskie

Capt. Picard
10-09-06, 04:26 AM
Get a newer driver. That is a well-known problem with the 91.31 driver.

10-09-06, 05:08 AM
Yeah, the 91.31 driver had alot of problems.

10-09-06, 10:13 AM
Thanxs guys,
I've d/l'd the 91.47_forceware drivers which I'll install this evening.

Kinda lost touch with the pros & cons of GFX Tweaking, OC'ing and drivers etc so your info is well appreciated. Anything I should know about the 91.47 ones?

10-11-06, 01:10 PM
Just a 'wee' update guys,
I've updated to the 91.47 from the 91.31 and all seems so far so good, there was a little uncertainty with refresh rates at 1024 x 768 & below but I don't think it's going to cause any problems gaming at 1024 or 800.

Pleased to say the tray icon tick box works now too lol.

Clocks are only 401/803 on the 6600 as I don't have anything heavier than the 'stock' GPU fan & the case has 2 x 120mm and one 80mm.

[Edit] Infact it is playing havoc with nearly all my games other than Q3!??. The whole Steam lot like DoD:S, DoD, CS, CS:S, HL2-DM etc. I'd set everything to 85Hz as I normally do and game at 800 x 600 - 1024 x 768 but I just can't seem to find a refresh rate for them as mad as that sounds!!. just going through the Refresh Rates & Resolution tab on the NVidia Display Properties.

This is something I haven't had happen for ages!, just downloaded 91.48 so we'll see how they go :)

Cheers, Esskie.

10-11-06, 03:04 PM
91.48 whql from Guru3D installed & everything is back to normal thankfully, so that'll be 91.47 on the blacklist too for me then .