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02-20-03, 10:04 AM
This is my conclusions on the upgrade.. Is there anything you might change? This total is a little high for what I was thinking however I guess you pay for nice toys.. Please post your thoughts.

XP 2700 333MHz
PC3500 433Mhz ULD Version
Abit NS7-S Rev 1.2

Is there anything I am missing that I need to consider? Will the volcano 7+ do the job?

Im going to scavenge parts off this box for the new one.

WD 60 gig ATA100
Sounblaster 52X CDROM
350watt RMS PS
3 rack mount fans 200CFM
Volcano7+ CPU cooler

02-20-03, 10:13 AM
Y'know, if you could find a Thoroughbred B XP2100+, you could save yourself a few bucks. I recently bought one (retail box) from Newegg (http://www.newegg.com) for $100. With retail cooling and a slightly higher Vcore I was able to boot and run with it recognized as an XP2700+ (13 x 166 MHz FSB @ 1.650 V). I knocked it back down to an XP2400+ level (12 x 166MHz FSB @ 1.600) since I didn't feel like purchasing a more robust cooler (compared to the old T-bird 700 it's the bee's knees!). :P It runs great though, and was well worth the $100 price tag (probably $10 to $15 less if you get the OEM CPU).