View Full Version : quality issue on tv

10-09-06, 11:45 PM
Hey there im really new to this sort of stuff and i need a hand!

i have a 42" HDTV with HDMI support plasma television. I am using a high quality HDMI to DVI cable to connect my GEForce 6800 up to my television. It all works i get image and can play videos, however text on the screen is really blury and not legible. It is running in Duel View mode at a resolution of 1824x992. Is there something i can do?

Thanks in advance

10-10-06, 05:16 AM
why 1824x992?

10-12-06, 10:59 PM
its that resolution cos that is wat i put it self to when it was ajusting it self to get the entire image on the screen